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Frank & Sharyle Solis, Founders of Papa Solis Sauces!

Original Label

Original Bottle Design! 2005

In the 1980's Frank and Sharyle tried so many salsa in the market that failed them. Everything available was too hot, runny, bland, or chunky. They went on a quest to make a hot salsa they would love.
In their home in Leander, Texas, "Do the Dance" was born. Many grew to love their unique salsa the point of "addiction!"
So in 2005, the Solis family began offering "Do the Dance" to those who love all things hot but also crave the "wow"!

wE Hope you Enjoy


New Label Design

2021 New Label Design!

Introducing a New Way to get Your "Dance" On!

Case of "Do the Dance" Hot Salsa contains 12 bottles
"Do the Dance" Case

You can now purchase (12) 8 oz. or 12 oz. Bottles filled with our signature Salsa!