Our Story!

We are a family owned & operated business that incorporated in 2019 and moved from Buena Vista, Colorado to Salado, Texas. We want to continue the legacy of Frank and Sharyle Solis in their vision to provide a unique and intensely flavorful salsa for gatherings of family and friends who absolutely love each other AND food!
In our future we anticipate fulfilling the dream of the Solis family to provide a variety of products that will be sure to delight all discerning palates.

How "Do the Dance" was born...

Our parents and the founders, Frank & Sharyle Solis didn't intend to become salsa manufacturers. Their goal was to create a salsa for themselves they would love that had both heat and flavor! Why, you ask? Well, back in the late 1980's every salsa available on the market failed them. Everything was too hot with no flavor. Too runny to stay on a chip and made tacos messy. To bland with a very prominent tomato presence. Too vinegary which was overpowering their food. After many trials and errors they finally created a winning, unique salsa! With a habit of hospitality, "Do the Dance" was introduced to friends and family!

 Once friends were introduced to our salsa, they were hooked, to the point of addiction and pleaded to have our salsa shipped to them.  Even after moving to Buena Vista, Colorado in 1994 from Texas;  they wouldn’t leave our parents alone!  So, after many years, and much encouragement from their "fans"; they decided to take the plunge and open Papa Solis Sauces in 2005 as an official business.

Between their day jobs as Accounting and SBA Loan Specialists, Frank and Sharyle would venture into every local restaurant or business, attend Trade Shows and community events seeking to save people from lesser salsas.  With Frank’s charmingly warm personality, and the most addictive salsa it was only a matter of time before it caught fire in the area.  Many local spots and well established restaurants began to carry our salsa and spread the love of flavor and spice. 

After the demand grew beyond what they could handle where they were, they took another leap of faith and purchased new property to manufacture Papa Solis, in 2014.  They saw tremendous growth, reaching out to supply various towns in the area such as:  Salida, Jefferson, Denver, Aurora and Lakewood, Colorado.

Gold Rush Day, Buena Vista 2017
Gold Rush Day, Buena Vista 2017

Gold Rush Days, Buena Vista, CO 2017

As the business began to flourish, our Papa, Frank, departed this world in March 2016.  It was devastating to the future of the business, but more importantly to his friends, family, and his wife Sharyle.  Another man so loved by those around him would be hard to find

Our "Papa"
Our "Papa"

Our "PAPA" Frank Solis

The decision was made to keep the business open to honor not only his legacy of making everyone around him feel loved, but also the legacy of our signature salsa (“Do the Dance)” which has and will always bring friends and family together.  In 2019, Papa Solis Sauces has found its way back to it birthplace in Texas, where we are currently operating.  Papa Solis Sauces is still family owned and operated; it has just been passed down from one generation to another.  Our mission is still the same every day, spread the love and create "salsa addicts"!

 Every fond memory we have with our parents and family cannot be recalled without our signature salsa.  Our hearts always connected around the table, and we know yours will too.

We are seeking Texas retailers and anticipate meeting salsa lovers at Central Texas Farmers Markets and Trade Shows.

Please contact us if you are interested in adding Papa Solis' "Do the Dance" Hot Salsa to your product line.

Here's what our customers say about us.

"Don't change a thing!"

Jim M. - Texas 

Doing the "Dance" prevents me from catching viruses!

John C.- Colorado

"My dad loves your salsa and I order for him every Christmas!"

Lisa W. - Florida 

"Thank you for the most amazing salsa we've ever had!! We discovered Papa Solis 4 years ago and have never looked back! We "Do the Dance" for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Breakfast burritos, eggs, tamales, chicken, fish, shrimp, avocados, ribs, tacos we even put it on salads! It literally goes on anything and adds the perfect heat and flavor!"

Natalie S. - Missouri