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We have created a unique salsa that provides heat and flavor that most salsa lovers desire for everyday! You can choose from a single bottle, best for trying us out or sending as a gift.
Our most popular is the Party Pack- (3 bottles) it just makes sense!
Or stock up with a case (12 bottles), our newest option, which will help to keep the "Dance" going!

Does "Do the Dance" come in other sizes?

Our founders, Frank and Sharyle offered "Do the Dance" salsa to the market in 2005, which included individuals, gift stores, natural grocery stores and restaurants, basically to all. They had to consider the sizes of the salsa to be optimal for such varied customers. They decided upon 5 and 12 ounce glass bottles.
Over the years Papa Solis Sauces has endured many changes. We felt the loss of Frank in 2016, moved the business to Texas in 2019. Survived the Covid economy 2019-2021, and several personal situations which hindered our vision of creating salsa "addicts" worldwide! We had to make some adjustments which is why we are only offering one size presently.
We are open to discussion for businesses and food markets/restaurants who would like to offer "Do the Dance" as a special treat for your customers.
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Here's what our customers say

"Do the Dance" - DELICIOUS!

I am "doing the dance", and already ate 1/3 of the bottle after you delivered it!

- William

I have a suggestion for your salsa. DO NOT change a thing. It's great"

- Jim

”We discovered your salsa in Buena Vista, CO, and fell in love with the flavor and love the natural ingredients. We have turned many of our friends onto the salsa as well. We put in on virtually everything! Keep up the great work!

- Natalie

Do you have other flavors?

Good question! Over the years many of you have tasted our "Do the Dance" Hot Salsa and loved the flavor but the heat was too much for you. Well, we have listened and are in the process of creating a mild salsa. We hope to get it on the market soon.
It is our desire to have just a couple more flavors in our product line and are also working on them!